Who is Frontier Behavioral Health?

Frontier Behavioral Health (FBH) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Spokane region for more than 100 years. FBH has approximately 700 staff at more than a dozen locations throughout Spokane County and serves about 16,000 clients per year.

FBH is dedicated to providing high quality behavioral health services in the Spokane region to adults, youth, families, and elders, as well as crisis response and hospital diversion services. In addition, FBH operates two 16-bed inpatient Evaluation and Treatment facilities and a 16-bed Stabilization program.

As the Lead Service Provider in the Spokane County Regional Support Network (SCRSN) system of care, FBH works closely with other service providers to ensure individuals have timely access to Psychiatric, Psychological and Specialist Consultation services.


FBH team member since 2013

FBH also collaborates with over 100 other mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers as well as social service, schools, law enforcement and health-care organizations throughout the region. This collaboration ensures that behavioral health services are not duplicated and the most efficient treatment is provided.

The sun in the Frontier Behavioral Health logo represents warmth, light, hope and the promise of a new day as it rises over the mountains to the east. The mountains depicted represent the topography of Spokane as well as the stability of the organization and our dedication to providing the best quality services to people who need them – past, present and future.