To provide clinically and culturally appropriate behavioral healthcare and related services to people of all ages in collaboration with community partners.


We provide behavioral healthcare services which are fundamental to an integrated healthcare system and which positively impact the lives of those we serve and contribute to the health, safety, and quality of life in our communities.


Values and Principles

    • We are committed to providing a wide array and choice of behavioral healthcare and related services that support wellness and recovery and that meet the diverse needs of individuals and families.
    • We deliver services with an emphasis on respect, individual dignity, hope, cultural sensitivity and competence, personal responsibility, mutual involvement in service planning, customer satisfaction, positive outcomes and a process for continuous quality improvement.
    • We value active partnership in an integrated healthcare system and strive to make our behavioral healthcare services timely, accessible and barrier free, and promote individuals’ participation and choice in their care.
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    • We value our staff as our greatest asset. We seek to honor their contribution through assuring them voice, providing them the appropriate training, supervision and support to attain the skills and knowledge needed, and striving to make our organization a rewarding place to work.
    • We are invested in the individuals we serve, their families and the community and will be advocates by appropriately addressing their needs from both service delivery and public policy perspectives.
    • We seek to be innovative in the development and delivery of state of the art behavioral healthcare services, professional training, research and community education.
    • We believe in collaboration based on honesty, integrity and trust. We value the diversity of effort, approaches and skills of colleagues, partner agencies, organizations and individuals with whom we work.
    • We hold ourselves accountable for our use of public and other resources. We will be good stewards in a cost-effective manner with effective management, fiscal accountability and the innovative use of information and technology.
  • We believe that the following approaches are vital to responsive and comprehensive care and provide each, as appropriate within available resources.
    • Prevention:  Providing community outreach, crisis response, education, early identification of, and assistance for the wellness needs of individuals and families.
    • Diagnosis and Treatment:  Using state of the art diagnostic criteria and providing innovative and evidence-based interventions designed to help individuals and families.
    • Rehabilitation:  Helping individuals identify, develop and utilize skills to assist in managing the impact of behavioral health disorders.
    • Recovery, Reintegration and Support:  Optimizing the health, wellness and activities of daily living of persons we serve.