Our Staff

Our professional, compassionate staff of clinicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and nurses provides an array of evidence-based treatment practices to serve a variety of behavioral healthcare needs. Additionally, our mobile outreach teams work within the community to provide crisis response services, diversion services, and homeless outreach resources. We also employ Certified Peer Specialists in most of our program areas to assist clients in their treatment journey.

As a Trauma-Informed Care organization, FBH encourages all staff – no matter their role – to deliver a message of hope and recovery and to treat individuals with respect.

Why staff work at Frontier Behavioral Health:

Amber D, Supervisor

Each day I work with people so passionate about what we do that I forget this is even a job.

Alicia C, Customer Service Representative

My job at FBH gives me the opportunity every day to have a positive impact on client lives; each and every single day. I can sleep easy at night knowing we are all making a difference.

Sean S, Rehabilitation Specialist

When you reach out to help others, gratification and fulfillment follow. There is something so innately human about caring for people, and I am lucky enough to work in an environment such as Frontier Behavioral Health where caring is the focus.

Shalana B, Hospital Diversion Specialist

The reason I like working at Frontier Behavioral Health is because I get to make a difference in the lives of so many youth and adolescents every day that are going through so much. Frontier also displays a dedication to their employees and our community. Being supported and recognized for doing an amazing job is something that I have really appreciated and makes Frontier a great company to work for!

Erica H, Quality Improvement

As part of the department that reads many comments from individuals who enter our doors at FBH, it is very nice to hear the positive feedback about things that our staff has done to help in their recovery which, on some days, could be a smiling face greeting them.

Linda L, COPES

I like working at FBH because of the support I get from my supervisor and co-workers. We also get together out of work for fun things to get to know everyone.

Ruby B, WISe

I love working at FBH because even the departments that don’t have face-to-face contact with clients are still striving to do what’s best and what’s right for the clients. I truly feel united and part of a larger team.