Below are examples of clues people thinking of suicide often give when they are feeling desperate and hopeless.  One clue may or may not mean a great deal, but any clue is worth exploring.

Direct Verbal Clues
  • I’m going to kill myself
  • I’m going to commit suicide
  • I’m going to end it all
  • I want to end it all
Indirect Verbal Clues
  • I’m tired of life
  • What’s the point of going on?
  • My family would be better off without me
  • Who cares if I’m dead anyway?
  • I can’t go on anymore
  • I’m so tired of it all
  • I just want out
  • You would be better off without me
Coded Verbal Clues
  • Soon I won’t be around
  • You shouldn’t have to take care of me any longer
  • Soon you won’t have to worry about me anymore
  • Goodbye, I won’t be here when you return
Situational Clues
  • Sudden rejection by a loved one
  • Recent move
  • Death of spouse, child, friend (especially by suicide or accident)
  • Diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Flare up with friend or relative
Behavioral Clues
  • Donating body to a medical school
  • Purchasing a gun
  • Stockpiling pills
  • Putting personal and business affairs in order
  • Making or changing a will
  • Taking out insurance or changing beneficiaries
  • Giving away money and/or possessions
  • Changes in behavior, especially episodes of screaming, hitting, throwing things, or failure to get along with family, friends and peers
  • Suspicious behavior – going out at odd times of the day or night – waving or kissing goodbye (if not characteristic)
  • Sudden interest or disinterest in church or religion
  • Scheduling a doctor’s appointment for no apparent physical reason
  • Loss of physical skills, general confusion or loss of understanding, judgment or memory
Conditions Sometimes Associated with Suicidal Behavior
  • Depression or hopelessness, particularly when accompanied by anxiety
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Serious family issues resulting in fights where there has been physical violence or threats of violence
Questions to Ask
  • Are you thinking of harming yourself?
  • Have you worried about suicide?
  • Do you wish you could end it all?
  • Do you feel you would be better off dead?