Step 1 – Make the call

The first step to getting help starts by making a phone call. In non-emergency crisis situations use First Call for Help at 509-838-4428 or toll-free at 1-877-678-4428. To access other services call 509-838-4651.

Interpreter services provided in any language at no cost.

Step 2 – Get acquainted


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Once you’ve made contact with us, the next step is an intake assessment.

Intake assessments are provided to all individuals entering into outpatient services to determine and clarify their treatment needs. The intake assessment involves our professional staff meeting with the individual and, as appropriate, with family members or other supportive individuals.

Step 3 – Beginning the Treatment Process

Once an intake assessment has been completed, individuals are connected with the services that best meet their needs. This will include working with their Mental Health Care Provider to develop an individualized treatment plan that establishes goals for treatment and strategies and interventions to achieve them.

We believe that the following approaches are vital to responsive and comprehensive care and provide each, as appropriate. 

Community education: Providing community outreach and education to assist individuals in identifying signs of mental illness or suicide risk and providing intervention and referral for services, as well as to reduce stigma associated with mental illness. 

Research-based treatment: Providing treatment that has been found through research and practice to be the most effective, including use of Evidence Based Practices (EBP’s) and Promising Practices.

Trauma-informed approach: Providing services in a manner and an environment that recognizes that many of those we serve have experienced trauma in one form or another in the course of their lives.

Recovery, reintegration and support: Providing services in the context of a caring relationship, facilitating access to resources required for managing emotional distress and mental illness, and meeting basic human needs with a goal of preserving health and dignity.

Open access: Providing walk-in access to a mental health assessment and timely first appointments to assist individuals in beginning care when they are ready to do so.

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