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Internship FAQs

What kind of internships does FBH offer?

FBH offers a variety of internships:

  • Master’s-level internships for MSW and CACREP counseling interns.
    • Typically, this internship is 9 to 16 months, depending on the school requirements.
    • Includes exposure to the agency, immersion in a clinical program, supervision by a qualified supervisor, development of clinical skills with a client caseload (individual and group), and ability to practice within contemporary models of clinical practice (e.g., recovery model, trauma-informed care, etc.).
  • BASW internships:
    • Typically, this is an 8 or 9-month experience which focuses on development of social work practice skills through exposure to the agency; immersion in a clinical program; supervision by a qualified social worker.
    • Includes some client contact, exposure to the breadth of the agency, development of social work skills, and practice within contemporary models of clinical practice.
  • Bachelor’s-level internships for students in psychology, applied psychology, health psychology, and related disciplines.
    • Typically, these are short term - 40-150 hours over one or two academic terms.
    • Focused on introducing the student to the clinical work of a behavioral health agency, application of coursework to the setting, and exploration of the student’s professional development.

How does the application process work?

The Application process is outlined below:

  • You will need to apply via our website and apply to the internship that applies to you:
  • Once your application is submitted, we will review and reach out for an interview.
  • When the interview process is completed, we will provide you with the required onboarding and background check documents.*

* Please note that we cannot set a start date for the internship until you have passed the background check. Therefore, it is important to return the documents in a timely manner.

Is a background check required?

Yes, because we work with vulnerable populations, we cannot set a start date for the internships until the required documents and background check have been completed. Therefore, it is important to return the documents in a timely manner.

I’m enrolled in an on-line degree program. Will FBH consider me?

Yes. Many FBH interns are enrolled in on-line programs.

When do internships start?

We accept and enroll interns as determined by academic program schedules. Ability to place an intern depends on space in the appropriate FBH program and qualified internship supervision in that program as well as completion of the required paperwork and background check.

Must I have prior experience in behavioral healthcare work or counseling to be an intern at FBH?

Prior experience in a behavioral health or social services setting is always helpful, but it is not required. FBH accepts each intern as a developing professional, and our job is to help the intern develop appropriate skills and experience, in partnership with their faculty advisor.

Can an FBH employee also be an intern at FBH?

Bachelor, BASW, and Master interns can intern at FBH while also being paid staff, if the programs, supervision, job descriptions/tasks, and hours of work and internship/practicum are distinct. However, employees who are interns in an MSW program may be approved for a workplace practicum (if their MSW program permits this). This means new learning is woven in to work hours, so the work hours also count for practicum credit.

My internship carries over two academic years. Am I required to stay over the summer?

We encourage interns in such programs to continue over the summer to develop their skills. To do so, the intern must be continuously enrolled in their academic program, and over the summer, must be enrolled in a course that provides faculty oversight of the internship experience (not merely a course with clinical content).

How many hours are required?

Total required hours, and often the number of clinical (direct client contact) hours, are determined by the academic program. The applicant will be asked to provide this information on the application form.

How is my schedule arranged?

The intern and supervisor collaborate on setting a schedule, taking into consideration the intern’s other commitments (class, work, family/social life). An intern supervisor might strongly urge the intern to attend on a given day for a particular purpose (e.g., staff meeting). The maximum per week is 20 hours.

Does FBH offer weekend/evening internships?

Yes, FBH has a limited number of programs that are available to interns who need those varying schedules.

What kinds of clients can I work with?

Each intern is assigned to an FBH program partly based on what kind of population the intern wants to work with – e.g., counseling with children, adolescents, adults; crisis-oriented work, etc. Intern caseloads are capped at 12 active cases, plus groups (when available or appropriate).

How is it determined in which FBH program I’m placed for my internship?

Internship applicants are invited to identify FBH programs in which they have interest, based on the population they want to work with and type of clinical care they want to learn and practice. If that program(s) has an available internship slot and a qualified supervisor, the applicant will be considered.

How do I learn which FBH programs are open for interns?

Most FBH programs take interns, but not all will have capacity for every kind of intern at a given time. The applicant will be asked to identify programs in which they are interested in on the application.

What if the program I want is not available?

We will work with the applicant to see if another suitable placement is available.

Who would supervise my internship?

All FBH intern supervisors are full-time FBH staff, who are recruited to supervise an intern based on their clinical skills and their interest in supporting a student’s professional development. Each intern supervisor has the appropriate degree, length of work experience, knowledge, and license (if required by the intern’s academic program) and receive training and on-going support in supervision of an intern. The intern supervisor partners with the faculty advisor to support the intern in attaining required academic goals.

How does FBH ensure my internship will satisfy my academic requirements?

FBH reviews the program’s requirements to ensure requirements can be met and maintains an Affiliation Agreement with every program from which we have interns. The intern supervisor and Clinical Learning Supervisor work with the academic program’s faculty advisor to ensure adequate learning opportunities are offered. It is the intern’s responsibility, in this partnership, to take advantage of opportunities presented.

Does FBH pay interns?

FBH offers a stipend of $150 per month to Master’s and BASW interns. This does not apply to employees who are doing an internship while currently employed at FBH.

Must I obtain liability insurance?

Interns are covered by FBH liability insurance. Interns are advised to learn if their academic program also requires (or provides) liability insurance

Would I be required to have a car or transport clients?

Interns are not allowed to transport clients.

Can I become employed at FBH while still an intern at FBH?

Yes. However, the programs, supervision, job descriptions/tasks, and hours must be distinct as FBH does not permit workplace practica.

Does FBH hire interns after graduation?

FBH does not guarantee employment to any intern but encourages interns to apply for positions for which they are qualified:

  • An intern can apply up to 4 months in advance of graduation.
  • If offered, the intern can begin that position upon completion of the degree and when transcripts have been received showing the date the degree was awarded.

Can I apply for a job at FBH in a program other than the one in which I interned?

Yes. We believe a strong internship will provide the intern with clinical skills that are applicable to a variety of settings.