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Issue 39

July 2024

Jeff Thomas Center to be Named

Joe D. Shelton Memorial Award

State Budget Boosts Behavioral Health Spending

Issue 38

April 2024

FBH Adds Programs, Capacity Post-COVID

911 Diversion Program First for Spokane County

EWU Scholarship Honors Jeff Thomas

Issue 37

January 2024

Kelli Miller Named Interim CEO

Trueblood Housing Program Changes Lives

School-based Clinicians Bring FASST Support

Issue 36

October 2023

Clubhouse Hits Refresh on Interior and Programs

FBH Launches New Outreach Program

Training Academy Evolves into Learning Center

Issue 35

July 2023

Social Media Under Fire

Regret: Our Most Misunderstood Emotion

Primary Care Clinic Coming to FBH

Issue 34

April 2023

Staffing Shortages Projected to Continue

Clinical Training Academy Benefits Clients

Housing Project to Offer Onsite Resources

Issue 33

January 2023

Routine Anxiety Testing Recommended by Panel

State Moves Forward with System Overhaul

FBH Expands, Relocates Special-Population Programs

Issue 32

October 2022

Mental Health Myths and Homelessness

Medical Students Join FBH Training Program

Callers in Crisis Make Use of National 988 Hotline

Issue 31

July 2022

FBH Prepares for New National Hotline

Outdoor Courtyards Bring Nature to Inpatient Units

New Treatment Model Transforms Outpatient Care

Issue 30

April 2022

Pandemic Takes a Toll on School-Age Children

New Intervention Program Addresses Youth Suicide

FBH Offers Treatment for First Episode Psychosis

Issue 29

January 2022

Evergreen Club Reaches Milestone Amid COVID-19

Healthcare Sector Contends With Workforce Shortages

New Stabilization Facility Offers Jail Diversion Option


October 2021

Therapy Dogs Provide Patients With Unconditional Support

FBH Joins Housing Leaders in Project for At-Risk Adults

Residency Program Gives FBH Chance to Inspire Future Doctors

Issue 27

July 2021

FBH Celebrates 10th Anniversary

New Series Spotlights Board of Directors

Issue 26

April 2021

Loneliness Intensifies for Isolated Seniors

Crisis Line Prepares for National Number

Care Connect Program Helps Ease Quarantine

Issue 25

January 2021

Clients Redefine Their Present And Future With Art Therapy

FBH Testing Smartphone App As Supplement To Treatment

Issue 24

October 2020

Study Finds Text Messaging an Effective Part of Treatment

Resilience is the Secret to Coping With Uncertainty

New Competency Restoration Program Targets State Backlog

Issue 23

July 2020

State Forecasts Surge in Demand for Services

Remote Work Requires Creative Workarounds

COVID-19 and Mental Health: Testing Our Sense of Control

Issue 22

April 2020

Group Therapy Classes Integral to FBH Experience

New Call Center Helps Set Tone for Treatment

FBH Expands Diversion Services With New Grants

Issue 21

January 2020

FBH Navigators Help Open Doors to Care

LGBTQ+ Conference Promotes Access for All

Threat Assessment Teams Focus on School Safety

Issue 20

October 2019

Time Outdoors Nurtures Garden Support Group

Therapy for Psychosis Puts FBH in Elite Company

Recovery No Matter Who You Are: Former Inmate Starts Life Again

Issue 19

July 2019

Science Proves Happiness Is Not What We Think It Is

Mobile Technology Opens New Frontier In Treatment

Help And Local Resources A Single Phone Call Away

Issue 18

April 2019

Recovery Model Signals Change in Approach

Therapeutic Art Creates Path to Understanding

FBH Peers Reflect on Personal Growth

Issue 17

January 2019

Access to Care Moves to Larger Space

Integrated Managed Care Puts Focus on Outcomes

24/7 Regional Crisis Line Activated in Six Counties

Issue 16

October 2018

WSU Alcohol Study Uses Positive Incentives

Funding Eases Worry at Evergreen Club

Diversion Unit is Result of Federal Trueblood Suit

Issue 15

July 2018

TEAMWORK: Grant funds diversion program

FBH accepting more insurance plans

Client orientation emphasizes recovery

Issue 14

April 2018

Homeless Outreach Team: “We Meet People Wherever They Are”

Yoga Calm Therapy

Client Advisory Panel

Issue 13

January 2018

FBH Opens New East Sprague Office

Biofeedback Therapy Gives Clients Control

2017 Year In Review

Issue 12

October 2017

School Bullying: What are the signs?

Partners in Recovery: Psychological Services

FBH Client Wellness Fair

Issue 11

July 2017

Frontier Institute Part of Worldwide Study

Partners in Recovery: Access to Care

Eye Movement Therapy Helps to Heal the Past

Issue 10

April 2017

SPECIAL SERIES: Partners in Recovery

Peer Bridger Program Focused on Community

Ride-Along Internship All About Teamwork

Issue 9

January 2017

Evergreen Club Marks 35 Years

2016 Year in Review

Suicide Awareness Makes a Difference

WSU Program Treats Animal Behavior

Issue 8

October 2016

FBH to expand on East Sprague

Pilot project with CHAS focuses on “Whole Health”

Wellness programs aimed at staff, clients

Issue 7

July 2016

1st Avenue Pharmacy Dispenses Care and Convenience

Housing Advocate Retires from VOA

Understanding Clinical Trials

Issue 6

April 2016

Family Caregiver Support Program

FBH Implements TIC Initiatives

Gonzaga Students Craft TE Marketing Plan

Issue 5

January 2016

Faces of Recovery: Employment Program Changing Lives

FBH Adopts New Suicide Screening Tool

Clinical Interns Chart Their Future

Issue 4

October 2015

FBH Trains Mental Health First Aiders

TEAM Conference Highlights Partnerships

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Issue 3

July 2015

When the Past Shapes the Present: FBH to Focus on Trauma

Issue 2

April 2015

The Recovery Issue – Life After Treatment

Why We Focus on the “Whole Person”

FBH Expands Peer Support Program

History of the Survivor Movement

Issue 1

January 2015

Medicaid Expansion Opens Door to Care | FBH Sees Increase in Requests for Service

Ten Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

Healthcare Reform Defines FBH Strategy