FBH’s Psychological Services provides assessment, diagnostic and consultation services through two primary programs: Psychological Assessment and Consultation Clinic and Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) Court Evaluations.

Psychological Assessment and Consultation Clinic

FBH employs a team of licensed psychologists and PhD-level evaluators who complete psychological assessment services for the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO).


Clinical consultations regarding diagnostic questions, treatment recommendations, and recommendations for additional evaluation by other specialists are provided on a formal and informal basis.


Comprehensive assessment can include diagnostic clarification, assessment of cognitive functioning as it relates to ability to access and utilize mental health and related community services (e.g., DDD services, school support, FAS evaluations, etc.), impact of social and biological factors, direct feedback to the referring provider(s), client, and family of the child (in child cases). Additional feedback may be provided to ancillary providers, schools, etc., at the request of the client/MHCP.

ITA Court Evaluation Services

FBH employs licensed psychologists to complete legally-mandated court evaluation services. The psychologists are on site at Sacred Heart Medical Center where community inpatient psychiatric services are provided and at FBH’s Evaluation and Treatment (E&T’s) facilities. Psychologists comply with Washington State legal mandates regarding the ITA process, specifically RCW 71.05 and RCW 71.34.