Forensic HARPS

The team utilizes the SAMHSA Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and Housing First model for providing housing assistance to individuals who meet the definitions of Trueblood Class Members. The participants are provided with meaningful choice and control of housing and support services. The team aims to reduce homelessness while supporting participants with their recovery and building resiliency with individuals served. The team provides case management to participants with an emphasis on enhancing access to and retention in permanent supportive housing.

Services provided include:

  • Person-driven housing exploration
  • Landlord outreach and engagement
  • Employment
  • Activities of daily living services
  • Social and interpersonal relationships and leisure times

Participants have access to short term housing bridge subsidy to reduce barriers and increase access to housing options. The team links participants to long-term providers including mental health and substance use providers, foundational community supports, and other providers as appropriate.

Eligibility for Forensic HARPS includes:

  • Ordered into an outpatient competency restoration program
  • On the HCA referral list for Forensic PATH services
  • Referred by a Forensic Navigator
  • Individuals exiting crisis triage or Stabilization facilities and have been involved within a forensic mental health system